About Us

There are two ways of spreading light To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

Why InfiGain?

Working with INFIGAIN means you’ll be part of something genuinely special.

We’re different from other. Funded by our Vision and guided by a unique set of principles and values. People know us and are passionate about what we do.

You’ll also be making things that are enjoyed by thousands & would be enjoyed by millions. Almost everyone spends time with our ENTREPRENEUR each week and it feels great to be part of something that reaches so many people.

Below are just a few of the reasons why we think you should join us.


Our Values

Our aim is simple - to enrich people's lives with such values and services that inform, educate and earn by being the most aspiring organisation in the world.

Rewards and benefits

Choose the benefits that are right for you and change them when you need to.


With our amazing training and development opportunities, you’ll get the chance to be even better at what you do.